Board Minutes 11/12/18


A regular meeting of the Birnamwood Village Board was held on Monday evening, November 12, 2018 at the Matsche Center.

Trustee Burazin was absent.  Also present: Ed Resch, Diane Haas, Jody Dombrowski, Don Schmidt, Rueben Eckardt, Tom Gatz, Vicki Wruck, Bobbi Diers, Roy Safford, Brandi Gutowski, Lawrence Hable & Scott Baseman.

President Sprague called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Minutes were read and approved.

Bills were presented.  Behm/Diers m/s/c to approve bills as presented. Roll call vote – all yes.

Rueben Eckardt questioned the posting of notices for meetings.

Charlie Brinkmeyer has met with property owners and pipes have been set in assessor’s plot.

Televising of lines started and lining should be done next week.

Prices are being looked at for a merry-go-round for Village Park. Lions Club are looking to build a 16×24 shelter at the ballpark by the playground equipment.

Village Attorney is reviewing the cell tower contract.

Clerk presented the Board with copies of pet ordinances from other municipalities.

Ecker/Behm m/s/c to grant snow removal bid to K & D Construction. Roll call vote – all yes.

From calculations it appears that there is 15,000# of buoyancy in the culverts. We need to fine someone to punch holes in the culverts to help relieve some of the pressure.

7 interested individuals approached the Board in regard to allowing ATV’s/UTV’s on roadways. This issue will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Something needs to be done on the corner of Western and Birch to prevent vehicles from cutting the corner to sharp and driving on homeowners lawn.

Resch/Ecker m/s/c to adopt resolution relating to the collection of state and county taxes by the Village Treasurer. Roll call vote – all yes.

Receipts for October were reported.  ​Ecker/C. Resch m/s/c to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.

Lauri Klumpyan, clerk/treasurer

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