Board minutes 9/9/19

A regular meeting of the Birnamwood Village Board was held on Monday evening, September 9, 2019
at the Matsche Center.
All members were present.
Also present: Ed Resch, Diane Haas, Tom Gatz, Jody Dombrowski, Chris Jensen, Dennis Rew, Lawrence Hable
President Sprague called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. 
Minutes were read and approved.  
Bills were presented.
Behm/Ecker m/s/c to approve bills as presented. Roll call vote – all yes. 
Schmidt/Diers m/s/c to accept bid from Countryside Fence for $8,204.00 to finish fencing at ball park. $4,114.00
will be paid with balance in Project X account and balance of bill paid by Village.  Roll call vote – all yes.
Diers/Schmidt m/s/c to purchase 20′ windmill from Hein’s Fish Farm for $2,000.00 including installation. 
Roll call vote – all yes.
Merry-go-round being worked on.
Cell phone tower progress continues.
Discontinuance of alley sent to Village Attorney.
Chris Jensen reported on engineer for water issues in subdivision. 
President Sprague reported that Fire Dept. is looking to purchase a new fire truck. Village share would
be around $65,000.00. Total cost of truck would be $380,000.00.
President Sprague accepted resignation of Trustee Diers. 
Ecker/Diers m/s/c to allow Don Schmidt to sign checks. Roll call vote – all yes.
Schmidt/C. Resch m/s/c to appoint Jody Dombrowski to fill Trustee Dier’s position until the April election. 
Roll call vote – all yes.
Receipts were reported for August. 
Diers/R. Resch m/s/c to adjourn at 8:25 p.m.
Lauri Klumpyan, clerk/treasurer
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