Board minutes 10/26/20

A regular meeting of the Birnamwood Village Board was held on Monday evening, October 26, 2020
at the Matsche Center.
All members were present.
Also present: Dale Marth-Adv. Disp., Ed Resch & Tom Gatz
President Sprague called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Discussion was held on garbage collection.
Minutes were read and approved. 
Bills were presented.
Schmidt/Dombrowski m/s/c to approve bills as presented. Roll call vote – all yes. 
A letter will be sent to Advanced Disposal stating we are not renewing our current contract and
are seeking bids for a new contract. 
Backes Store demo is complete. Klumpyan/Behm m/s/c to sell lot to Chet & Emil’s for $18,500.00. 
Roll call vote – all yes with R. Resch & C. Resch abstaining. 
Railroad St./Wausau St. survey is complete. We will contact Ann Schmidt in regard to the sale of
Store lot and updating parcels for park and American Legion.
Sod still needs to be removed along Corazalla Dr.
Jody retyped ordinances for Compression Brakes & Snow & Ice removal. 
Clerk submitted a request from Homestead Church for use of Matsche Center. After discussion
it was decided not to accommodate their request for weekly rental to keep the center available
for community residents.
R.Resch/Dombrowski m/s/c to adjourn at 9:05 p.m.
Lauri Klumpyan, clerk/treasurer
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